Auspicious 2018 Hindu Wedding Dates

    • 24th February (Saturday)
    • 01st March (Thursday)
    • 05th March (Monday)
    • 06th March (Tuesday)
    • 08th March (Thursday)
    • 10th March (Saturday)
    • 12th March (Monday)
    • 18th April (Wednesday)
    • 19th April (Thursday)
    • 20th April (Friday)
    • 24th April (Tuesday)
    • 25th April (Wednesday)
    • 27th April (Friday)
    • 28th April (Saturday)
    • 29th April (Sunday)
    • 30th April (Monday)
    • 01st May (Tuesday)
    • 04th May (Friday)
    • 05th May (Saturday)
    • 06th May (Sunday)
    • 11th May (Friday)
    • 12th May (Saturday)
    • 18th June (Monday)
    • 19th June (Tuesday)
    • 21st June (Thursday)
    • 23rd June (Saturday)
    • 25th June (Monday)
    • 27th June (Wednesday)
    • 28th June (Thursday)
    • 05th July (Thursday)
    • 10th July (Tuesday)
    • 11th July (Wednesday)


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