Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitra puja is a way to give respect to ancestors.
For the late departed ancestors prita paksh is observed once in a year in Bhadrapad / Ashwin months into the autumn. Its duration is of 15 days from Purnima (full moon) to Amavas (new moon). We also call it Shradh, Sharadh Pakhwada, Sharadh Parv, by which you get blessing from departed ancestors in which we repay to them by this ritual.
Many problems may occur in one’s life their Pitras are not happy. Pitra Dosh is not a curse from the ancestors, but it is a debt of the ancestors. The person having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope is supposed to pay for the ancestor’s debt. So a Pitra Dosh in a horoscope does not mean that the ancestors are cursing the person having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope. Pitra dosh is undoubtedly one of the most feared doshas in a horoscope according to Vedic astrology and it can trouble the native with various kinds of problems and misfortunes in all spheres of his life.

Ganpati Puja

Puja items / Samagri kit

  • Ghee
  • Lal-kapda(Red-cloth)
  • Supari(Betel Nut)
  • Haldi(Turmeric Powder)
  • Kumkum
  • Sindoor
  • Abir
  • Gulal
  • Moli/Rakshasutra
  • gud(Jaggery)
  • Sahad(Honey)
  • Mishri(Suger Candy)
  • Itra(perfume)
  • Kapoor(Camphor)
  • Laung(cloves)
  • Eliyachi(cardamom)
  • peeli sarso(Yellow Mustard Seeds)
  • Janeu(Sacred Thread)
  • Haldi Gath(Dry Turmeric)
  • Khajur( Dry dates)
  • Nariyals(Dry Coconut)
  • Gulab Jal(Rose Water)
  • Ganga Jal(Holy Water)
  • Gaumutra(Cow Urine)
  • Capus-Batti(Cotton Wick)
  • Agarbati(Incense Stick)
  • kapus Vastra
  • Rice
  • Dona Packet
  • Match Stick/Machis
  • Durva
  • Aam Patta,Tulsi
  • Belpata
  • Phool/Mala
  • Panpata
  • Sweets
  • 1 Bowl of Panchamrit(Milk,Curd,Honey,Ghee & sugar)
  • Pata/Chaurang
  • 1 Kalash
  • 5 Fruits
  • 2 Thali
  • 2 Bowl
  • 2 Spoons
  • Photo
  • Aasan
  • Deepak